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Olá todos,

Gostaríamos de partilhar com vocês os trabalhos produzidos durante este mês de setembro entre os artistas do Roundabout.Lx e os artistas do Magma Collective que vai vão ser apresentados no espaço Roundabout.Lx.

O tema deste projecto é a memória da cidade e através da exploração da mesma, poderão encontrar fotografias, vídeos, desenho, gravura, pintura, instalações e performance.

A exposição inaugura dia 24 se setembro pelas 19 horas e termina dia 29 de setembro.

Artistas que fazem parte de exposição são:
Marta Angelozzi, Anna Burel, Yuri Pirondi, Yasmine Dainelli, Jaime Valtierra, Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, Edgar de Oliveira, Rupert Jaeger, Inês von Bonhorst, Caspar Hall

Vai haver comida em vários dias do evento:

A não perder a fantástica comida feita pela famosa Zizinha
comida tradicional oriental que oferece uma grande variedade de pratos com carne e opções vegetarianas.
Zizinha vai ter sandes com falafel, hummus acompanhado de pão arabe, salgados arabes, e uma selecão de bolos e doces.


Quinta-feira 24 de Setembro

19h até ás 23h ­ Abertura da exposição ­ Mnemonic City Lisbon
Localização: Espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b

Sexta-feira 25 de Setembro ­

16h até 21h ­ Exposição ­ Mnemonic City Lisbon
Localização: Espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b

21h até 24h ­ Noite de video arte ­ Visões Urbanas Mnemonic city Lisbon
Largo do Intendente

Este evento vai ser apresentado pelo director do Lab film festival Bill Howard

Grupos convidados:
Lab Film festival – ­ Londres
Visual container – Italia
Magma Collective & Roundabout.Lx

Sábado 26 de Setembro

14:00h até 24:00h ­Exposição ­ Mnemonic City Lisbon
Localização: Espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b

16:00h até 24:00h ­ Caminhada performativa

16:30 ­- 20:30 ­MOVE W IT H (OUT) #9 LISBON – Super­Artista Incógnita Durational Piece
Localização: Largo do Intendente
Artista: Andrea Inocêncio , Curated by Something Human
20:30 ­- 21:00 ­- Final performance no espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b.

17.30h ­ – Conversas abertas ao público,­
Localização: Café Largo Residências
Convidados: Directora do Largo Residências Marta Silva,
os directores do Plano Lisboa ­Rita Ruivo & Sérgio Azevedo e a curadora Sofia Mourato

19:00h ­Ephemeral Landscape II Marta Angelozzi
Localização: Rua Maria da Fonte 76A

20:00h Surmount ­ TOR collective ­
Localização: Rua Cidade de Liverpool

21:00h ­Capitalizizisme IV Edgar de Oliveira
Localização: Espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b

22:00h The Monster speaks of Love Roundabout.Lx
Artistas: Violeta Lisboa, X, Anna Burel, Marta Angelozzi, Yuri Pirondi, Yasmine Dainelli, A S Rolf & Jaime Valtierra.
Localização: Espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b

Domingo 27 de Setembro ­

14h até 12h ­Exposição ­ Mnemonic City Lisbon
Localização: Espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b

21h até 22.30h ­ Performance colectiva entre o Magma Collective e os artistas da associação do Roundabout.Lx

Segunda- feira 28 de Setembro

16h até 21h ­Exposição ­ Mnemonic City Lisbon
Localização: Espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b

Terça-feira 29 de Setembro

16h até 21h ­Exposição ­ Mnemonic City Lisbon
Localização: Espaço Roundabout.Lx ­ Rua Cidade de Cardiff 54b

Este evento é organizado pelo Magma Collective ( and Roundabout.L.x (


Largo das residências –
Escola secundária António Arroio:
Plano Lisboa:
Visual Container:
Lab Film Festival:

Um obrigado especial á Francisca Bagulho, Rui Madeira, Rough’Nough e á esquipa do Largo Residências.

Magma Collective with Fish Island Labs at Interfaces, Barbican Centre


“An exhibition fusing physical experience, social media and technology:
An urban journey between the Barbican and London’s new creative hub”

Mnemonic City – a city of memories at Interfaces is a project by the Magma Collective that explores location and how
stories are embedded in urban space. 

This is a series of inter-related artworks developed for the Barbican Interfaces show, in which artists have collaboratively explored the geography between Swan Wharf and Barbican. Strolling through this urban landscape, the collective used social media to identify and stories with each other, inspiring a series of multi media and interactive artworks. These artworks will be exhibited at the Barbican from this Friday.

Works combine video projection installations, photography, paintings, sculpture and performance. They represent a compelling combination of traditional techniques, interactive media and contemporary social practice spanning geo-location, real-time international collaboration and data mapping. This poetic interpretation of a city focuses on people and their emotional experience rather than material needs, and so reveals the human environment hidden in our urban spaces. These artworks will be exhibited as part of Interfaces, a free exhibition taking place in the Barbican foyers from this Friday.

About Interfaces and Fish Island Labs at the Barbican

From interactive portraits to virtual reality technology, atmospheric realities to enlightening data visualisations – explore the world that emerges when art and technology collide. Interfaces is the first annual showcase of art from Fish Island Labs, an incubator set up by the Barbican in collaboration with The Trampery to kickstart the careers of a new generation of emerging talent whose work spans technology and the arts. Over the past 12 months, this community of 20 practitioners have developed cutting-edge new work, covering everything from sculpture, installations and physical performance to coding, film editing and digital art – and now they’re taking over the Barbican Foyers.

Together, these artists take a diverse approach to interrogating how human experience can be transformed by multi-media art practice. Artists include: Alkaline, Annie Nichols, David Hunter, Enamul Hoque, Fancy Lamp, Imeh Akpan, Kimatica, Magma Collective, Martin Collins, Matteo Zamagni, Mbryonic, Nicola Plant, OpenVizor, Pollie Barden, Sapphire Goss, Something Human, Sophie Rogers, Tekja, Tom McDonagh, Tom Szirtes, Xavier Sole.

Press Contact:, Artist Contact:



TWITTER @FishIslandLabs

Further Information:


Sharing sources and ideas

For Mnemonic City one aspect we feel is essential to the good functioning and the unity of the group is communication between the artists. We regularly organize meetings, and we have managed to gradually set up an environment that facilitates that kind gathering and encourages dialogue, whether it is on an administrative level or on a more creative note. ‘Show and Tell’ meetings are about artists sharing the progress of their work, their ideas and research. They help creating an awareness of where people are in their process, understanding where the art works comes from. Unlike the walks that are based on experiencing the environment, these meetings are more about the artists and their practice, bringing along visual material and therefore initiating a meaningful exchange. The creation itself, for most of us happens in isolation, in the studio but it is important as a group to share what we are up to and communicate, to connect creatively in order to bring a certain harmony to Mnemonic City project. Having a common working space promotes the exchange of sources and documentation, making material available to the group. We have organized a micro library in a corner of the room where each is free to lend or borrow articles or books that relate to our field of research or any kind of printed material that seems relevant to the project such as Situationist writings or essays on the history of London. The walls have now become a large mood board where someone’s quick sketches are pinned next to a picture of a walk or an idea for the design of the exhibition space. New ideas are constantly appearing on the wall contributing to an effective collective dynamic.

© by Mnemonic City, all rights reserved

Telling stories

The walks have by now taken a new turn as the previous system has left some members of the group frustrated in their need of exploring the route that joins Fish Island Labs and the Barbican. We have decided to explore the city within a perimeter of the shortest route between the two locations that will host our work. Recovering a sense of purpose we are now looking for inspiration in history or stories, our stories, exploring one’s own past, one’s own memories on the traces of our adventures in London or sharing some knowledge recently acquired for the purpose of feeding a life long passion or a curiosity born with Mnemonic City.

We meet outside Spitalfield market and walk to Brick Lane for our first story. David takes us to the Truman Brewery where he tells us about a recovered friendship after years of silence and how this place is in his memory now forever associated with this heartwarming episode.

From there we stroll through the narrow streets to Liverpool Street where our gaze is shifted upwards to the skyscrapers that left such a strong impression on Yuri when he first arrived in London.

After a short tea break Ines also shares one her introductory experience to the alienating City: a miserable first job interview where tears could have made her life take completely different direction if only she had shed some.

From busy Shoreditch High Street we move towards infamous Old Nichol which was part of the first slum clearance scheme in London in 1890.

Arnold Circus is not only the one of the first council estate to be built in England, it is also a place of many memories of art studios, of peacocks on roofs and failed squatting attempts and lost relations.

Between dreamed reality and vague memories we are now moving towards the one lion that still guards the ghost of Columbia Market Hall, an amazing building that repeatedly failed its trading purpose since it was first inaugurated in 1869. It is a heartbreaking thought to know this beautiful structure was destroyed in the 1960s after such a short lifespan.

At the other end of Columbia road we listen to a final tale of an old lady’s troubled spirit haunting the basement Nags Head public house. It is now time to rest on these stories until the next episode.

© by Mnemonic City, all rights reserved

Walking with Lisbon

The walks for previous projects were more about drifting, like the ‘flaneur’ not knowing where his journey will end, simply following his instinct. For this project we want to bring new elements to the experience.

The first walk planned for Mnemonic City Barbican is an experiment, an attempt to a more playful approach.

During a skype meeting we organized a simultaneous walk with Portuguese art collective ’The Roundabout Crew’ with whom we are planning to collaborate in Lisbon at the end of the summer 2015.

While we will blindly guide them in the streets of Lisbon and they will do the same with us here in London starting from Fish Island Labs. We begin an exchange on social media platform such as tumblr or facebook, A choice of pictures, symbol or word is given to the other which will determine where to go next.

© by Mnemonic City, all rights reserved