Mnemonic City is an arts project which aims to creatively re-frame our experience of a geography.

The core idea of Mnemonic City, a city of memories, is for artists to investigate and respond to a location in terms of its creative and emotional resonance, working both individually and collectively to present resulting artworks which re-frame the location. Inspired by movements such as Situationism and Psychogeography, each Mnemonic City project starts with a series of collective walks that form the basis of the research and development for new artworks.

To see a geography defined as a site of relationships and encounters, loves and losses, smiles tears and experiences, rather than as defined by traditional mapping, concrete, streets and wires, results in a surprising and revealing personal understanding of location. The poetic interpretation of a city defined as centred on people and their emotional experience, rather than town planning, governmental concerns, redevelopment or material needs, reveals a human environment.

The project has to date been staged in various locations in London, Madrid and Florence, and is in development for Lisbon in September 2015. Each of the shows presents itself in a unique form, but has grown from the same open brief. Previously the project has manifested as a preparatory series of walks and encounters between artists in the location; workshop sessions involving discussions, presentations and collaborative collages which build an open dialogue on defined themes and shared interests; followed by an intensive period of individual research and preparation of new artworks, resulting in an exhibition including painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, performances, live events, moving image screenings, installations, and more.

Coming Soon : Mnemonic City at Fish Island Labs and Barbican, with Lab Film Projects and Something Human 

for more information, contact: info@mnemoniccity.com

Mnemonic City is a project managed by Magma Collective.

© by Mnemonic City, all rights reserved

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