The Fragmented City

It is the 4th of April 2015. Location: Bethnal Green, London, UK; Calcada Do Monte, Lisbon, Portugal; and Via de Carracci, Bologna, Italy. It is 3PM in the afternoon and Mnemonic City is launching its second phase of ‘The Experiment’, which intends to create a network of virtual memories around the hashtag #MnemonicCity.

Content versus Structure

While the first phase was focused on researching a possible basic methodology , in this second phase content and meaning take precedence, which in turn will help to define a final set of rules for ‘The Experiment’ before it leaves the confines of laboratory procedures.

The Fragmented City in Reverse

Following a preplanned sequence of posts,  a number of Instagram accounts are now releasing individual images from specific locations in London, Lisbon and Bologna. The resulting sequence of urban snapshots, released in reverse order to counter the forward direction of time, form a fragmented picture that spells the hashtag #MNEMONICCITY.

Written in Stone

Each group – in London, Lisbon and Bologna – follows a pre-planned route that spells out their selection of letters as they walk them, as if the hashtag #MNEMONICCITY was written in stone, forever engraving this phase of The Experiment into a virtual city of memories. In the next phase, starting at the beginning of May – the individual artists and their work will be introduced as they define the final structure of The Experiment.

‘The Experiment’ is part of an ongoing art project by Mnemonic City  that will be exhibited at the Barbican Centre in London on the weekend of the 21st of August 2015, and an art project that will take place in Lisbon in September 2015 with a series of exhibitions and events throughout the month. Partners in the London project are Lab Film ProjectsSomething Human and Open Vizor. Partners in the Lisbon project are Roundabout.lxSomething Human and Visual Container.

Mnemonic City is a project managed by Magma Collective.

© by Mnemonic City, all rights reserved

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