Walking with Lisbon

The walks for previous projects were more about drifting, like the ‘flaneur’ not knowing where his journey will end, simply following his instinct. For this project we want to bring new elements to the experience.

The first walk planned for Mnemonic City Barbican is an experiment, an attempt to a more playful approach.

During a skype meeting we organized a simultaneous walk with Portuguese art collective ’The Roundabout Crew’ with whom we are planning to collaborate in Lisbon at the end of the summer 2015.

While we will blindly guide them in the streets of Lisbon and they will do the same with us here in London starting from Fish Island Labs. We begin an exchange on social media platform such as tumblr or facebook, A choice of pictures, symbol or word is given to the other which will determine where to go next.

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At last we reach a port, having toiled through monstrosities of architectural mirage. Our hosts have wondered with us through many pathways, for the virtual entanglement we suffer can also ironically benefit our pursuit of reality.
Once here, we plant our feet in the earth, like the roots of sanguine trees. We cannot escape the physicality of this place, and soon materials, fabrics, tools become grafted to our bodies. To walk is to make, to talk is to place. Matter demands to be fashioned. Skype and 3dmax go out of the window replaced by d.i.y mode and field trips. We begin to construct according to our new understanding of space, expansive, oceanic, covered in forests and inhabited by all manners of birds, the sky now larger than any sky scrapper, invites the mind of the flâneurs to ponder on the nature of the infinite fused with the chaos of physis. Here, the balance of opposites has changed. Apparent order is critically challenged by natural priorities. The city is suspended between body and soul, an attempt to sustain the dream of human domination over the elements while admitting defeat. We dis-urbanise ourselves, joining another tribe in our mission. We throw bottles in the waves, we make fires on the beach, we carve the feelings of our encounters. This was the end of a world before galleons were sent to seek other shores beyond the horizon.

Mnemonic City: Lisbon will take place in September 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. More information about this project here.

© by Mnemonic City, all rights reserved